details in the fabric

26 Jun

It’s a rarity for me to pause during a song and actually analyze what is occurring in the music, unless it’s a song I’m learning to play. Saturday’s afternoon listen: Led Zeppelin. After listening to “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin, I realized there was a call and response between the singing and guitars. Call and response. I remember what I learned in my jazz class. For a while, I’ve been wanting to think and study what is being played in music, from call and response to modes and the characteristics that make up a genre. Getting lost in the sounds is always easier and sometimes it’s a necessity for enjoying music. Yet, I want to understand music to the fullest.

There’s a feeling about holding a vinyl record or an actual album that you can’t replicate by holding an iPod or downloading a song. Holding physical copies of music makes it feel real. It feels real because it’s right in front of you. I like looking through album artwork. There was a point in my life where I wanted to be a graphic designer and specialize in album artwork alone. I’ve seen Elliott Smith’s album for “New Moon” before, but not up close and I never held the album in my hands until today. I never noticed all the small newspaper lettering, varying opacity, the illusion of painted buildings and pretty shades of blue. Suddenly, an album artwork became a portrait in an art gallery. There in front of me was a whole deeper meaning inside art and music tied together.

To me, music is not just about listening. It’s also about learning, understanding and appreciating music theory, as well as seeing the final product of an album.


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