tributes to the legends

12 Jul

I have crossed the streets of Abbey Road, well known from the iconic album cover for The Beatles. It’s a popular attraction for tourists and Beatlemania fans who come visit. Abbey Road Studios is another monumental figure, adjacent of the eminent crosswalk. On the walls outside of the studio are graffiti, tributes to the Beatles in lyrics, personal names and dates of visit. Cars and buses wait and pass by pedestrians who take photos and cross the road more than once. It’s hard to believe The Beatles walked along the same streets when you experience London in more modern times. But the words on the walls and all the tourists standing there allowed me to feel the influence of The Beatles. I felt how powerful The Beatles have changed the world with their music. The Beatles still live on. They rock, not just in the UK, but all over the world. Standing on that street corner testified all this and somehow, I felt a closer connection to The Beatles.

Now, I am determined to one day visit memorials, landmarks and places that music legends once ruled. I want to visit Elvis in Graceland. I want to see Elliott Smith’s memorial in Los Angeles. I am captivated by these places that pay tribute, represent or show artifactual proofs of music legends, from the ones who influenced rock and roll to indie and beyond.


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