free form

6 Feb

My love for the guitar is like my love for snowboarding. Guitar and snowboarding are on two separate ends of a broad spectrum. One is a musical instrument and the act of playing music, while the other is an extreme winter sport; both are similar in free form expressions. With playing guitar and snowboarding, there are rules but not a strict guideline to follow by. There are no limits, no right or wrongs. There’s shredding on steel strings and then there’s shredding on snow. The motions of playing guitar and snowboarding are both loose and laid back. Free form expression is individualistic and varies for each guitar player and snowboarder. Free form allows every guitar player and snowboarder to have a unique style. Free form is the drive for creativity, thinking and seeing beyond great heights.

Learning to play the guitar and learning to snowboard has been life changing. I’m in another world, another dimension, another place and another atmosphere every time I pick up my guitar or I’m up in the mountains. I forget about the world I live in and I listen to the music. I listen to silence. I find solitude and understanding. Guitar and snowboarding is what I live for and that’s real living.


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