talking about music

17 Feb

Every morning, I find myself dreading to go to physiology. I don’t want to be there. Dave is speaking English, but physiology is a foreign language to me. However, this morning I walked into the room and unexpectedly, he started talking about a musician. He said the following statement, “there is no Beethoven reflex.” I’ve never thought about this before. Even if you can play Fur Elise, there is no button or wiring for Fur Elise. By practicing, you can only become better. You can play a Beethoven song after practicing. Dave mentioned a Chinese artist who said when your brush breaks and bleed, you break and bleed as well. The idea is becoming one. You become one with your brush or your instrument. I experienced a thought I’ve known before. I am one with my guitar. The guitar has become a part of me. Then we went into talking about radio waves. The best comment yet, “Led Zeppelin is in the room.”

I am a music snob. When someone tells me they just discovered Mumford & Sons, I tell them they are way behind times.

I’ve been studying World Music today with two other friends. They think studying music isn’t real and more of a joke. My favourite classes have been Survey of Jazz and now World Music. Studying music is real to me. Listening to music I usually wouldn’t listen to has opened worlds to me. I am in the biology field. I don’t know what I am doing there along with all the pre-meds and hopeful to-be doctors. I’ve noticed there is a trend with everyone deeply concentrated on going to medical school and only medical school. It’s disappointing for me to be surrounded in these waters where nobody cares about music.

I have a friend who thinks happiness is being with a significant other. I am single, but I like the way I am. I like my independence. Why would I ever want to be a damsel in distress? Music is my happiness.


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