eric clapton

7 Mar

I saw Eric Clapton live in Las Vegas at the MGM (3.5.11)!

I looked around the entire arena. Not a single soul was below the age of thirty. I was the youngest one there. And I loved every moment of it. This six-string guitar legend is real. Clapton makes the guitar look easy and natural. I was captivated by how well he knows the guitar inside and out. There’s no questioning that the guitar is a part of Clapton.

I’ve been learning blues scales and improvising on the guitar. Watching Clapton and his band jam was an experience I’ll never forget. I recognized a bluesy, pentatonic scale Clapton used to improvise and the rhythm of the 12-bar blues. I analyzed how the phenomenal musician on the keyboard was mimicking the sounds of an electric guitar. Then I wondered to myself about the idea of genres. Clapton’s music is all around rock n’ roll and blues, but reggae and ragtime was also being played.

The stage lighting had a few thrown in special effects, but none to distract from listening to the music. And that’s exactly what I loved. I loved the simplicity of the show and how the focus was around real music being played. I kept waiting and anticipating for Clapton to play all of my favourite covers and original songs he’s well known for. He played ‘I Shot the Sheriff’, ‘Wonderful Tonight’, ‘Cocaine’ and the encore ended with ‘Crossroads’. Listening and watching him play the songs looked and sounded even more beautiful in person. It was one of those moments were you had to be there. After hearing him play live, I knew being there was well worth it, even after the 12 hour round trip drive to Las Vegas. For the love of Eric Clapton, I would do it all over again.


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