waving to musicians via airwaves

8 Jun

I’ve encountered some real musicians in real life (more on that later). And I’ve also had conversations with musicians through social networking. Even though our conversations don’t get any more personal than what’s publicly published, I still can’t help but feel this connection. I’m star struck and it’s like I’ve already met them and they become people I know.

Referring to one of John Butler Trio’s songs, ‘Revolution’ and JB’s protest for Save the Kimberley.

In reply to an album art contest. I never submitted and it was too late. A 7 year old girl won. How could you ever compete against that?

Joe Satriani is my first twitter follower!

I told Brooke how I read her blog post about acoustic guitars and bought a Martin! Best decision I’ve ever made.

I can’t remember which Schuyler Fisk song I was listening to, but she thanked me!

Not shown: Frankmusik (I think it’s because he changed his twitter name). My friends and I kind of forced him to RT us. Guilty as charged. But no shame in our guilty pleasures of stalking celebrities.


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