revolution already underway

12 Jun

I created this revolution poster in the earliest days of 2011. I decided that instead of resolutions, I wanted to write revolutions. This idea, root and theme around revolution has remained close to my heart. To me, revolution is being the fire in motion. Revolution is being the flame that never burns out, changing yourself while remaining honest and influencing the world or environment for the better. In revolution, I see justice, hope and humanity. I hear voices being heard and silence rumbling loudly. There are risks involved with revolutions, but necessary risks worth taken in the end. Every now and then, I am reminded of why I need to stand up and fight for what I believe in. And today was one of those days. I will not be silent. I shall overcome.

‘Revolution’ on John Butler Trio’s April Uprising album has always evoked powerful emotions within me, a spirit of revolution I like to dwell and carry within. The official music video for ‘Revolution’ is a take of a more personal side to humanity’s revolution, which I largely admire. I listen to the studio recording several times, but I must say this live version of ‘Revolution’ is a favourite. John Butler’s perspective on revolution and defining the ongoing process is what keeps me listening and living. Let the revolution live on.


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