my life is complete

14 Jun

My first guitar might be a goner, but my life is complete.


Earlier this afternoon, my brother sent me a picture of Mat Kearney performing from The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. All I could think of was I wish I was there, I really wish I was there. I looked at the picture and my brother is so close to the stage. As I was driving, I got a text saying, “[Mat Kearney] JUMPED at me.” In classic styled me, I went WHAT?! Mat just jumped in the crowd. Then several hours later, midnight in Atlanta, my brother calls. He says he’s in line to see Mat Kearney. I’m in the car again, screaming. My brother says he’s going to try to get Mat Kearney to talk with me on the phone. I go, “he is not going to talk to me on the phone.” In my head, I’m thinking he has better things to do. But then seconds later, I hear my brother talking with Mat Kearney. I can’t hear all the words, but I hear “my sister couldn’t make it” and “talk to her on the phone.” Moments later, IT’S MAT KEARNEY TALKING TO ME. His voice, the one I know from songs and YouTube videos. Swoon. Time passes by and it feels like only a few seconds. Mat says hello to me on the phone. I am screaming my lungs off, not knowing what to say. But I do scream, “OMG! I am like your biggest fan!” I’m sure he hears this all the time, but it’s true. It’s all true. And in another life, if he asked me on a bended knee to marry him, I would say I do. I DO, I DO, I DO over and over again. Because that’s how I feel every time he sings to me through the speakers. I am that much in love with him, his songwriting and music. I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to all this songs. Mat asks me where I’m from and I say Utah. I said I saw him perform live like a year ago. Ok, it was in 2009. I can’t remember when exactly, but I remember seeing him through the blizzard of winter. He says they’re (referring to him, Owl City and Unwed Sailors) performing in July, in Utah and I need to catch them then. I tell him I will definitely be there. Now, I HAVE to be there. No questions asked. I am going to be there to meet Mat Kearney myself this time. Then our conversation ended when he said, “I’ll let you talk to your brother again.” My last words to him were “THANK YOU.” I still couldn’t believe I talked with Mat Kearney. My brother later tells me his U of U polo shirt is signed by Mat. I don’t think that shirt will ever be washed again. A short lived conversation, but the young, down-to-earth Mat Kearney has made the happiest girl in Salt Lake City tonight.

Photo via brother’s phone.


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