happy (belated & early) birthday!

28 Jun

Happy Belated Birthday (June 25) to Live Musique/A Music Anthology! There is much to be excited about as this music blog is now one years old. To be honest, I never thought this blog would grow and be what it is today. A year ago, I had a technological, social networking curiosity. I wanted to find out why everyone (ok, not everyone, but a lot of bloggers) used WordPress. Little by little, I started posting lyrics and music videos that inspired me, then my insights in music. I didn’t know I had so much to say about music alone. I have other blogs that are more general, but having this focused feature on music has helped me as a writer and as a musician. It’s been a year and I couldn’t be more grateful for this blog and for all the readers who have so kindly read and commented on my posts.

Happy Birthday to me! It’s not midnight in the land where I was born, but somewhere in the world, on the other hemisphere is my birthday! This year, I’ll be twenty-one. 21. Officially legal, but on the outside, it seems as though I’ve been 21 since I was 16, being offered alcohol on planes (not that I’m into drinking at all). I could go to Las Vegas, but I’m not into that either. Every birthday, I say I don’t want to be another year older. And it’s true. I wish I could be forever young. I’m not sure what the future holds or what I’m really expecting out of twenty-one years, but I hope it’s full of hope, wisdom, love and dreams.


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