music wednesday

17 Aug

Music Monday is now Music Wednesday (as of today). It’s been a little over a year since Music Monday. A lot has changed since then. I have progressed musically, but my enthusiasm for music has dimmed to almost darkness. I’m trying not to blame anyone, a certain someone actually. Really, I am trying. I’ll keep trying, too. I’m lost, but somehow I’m still holding onto the hope of finding my way back. I want the flame to burn inside me again. I want that rush of being out of the world when I listen to music. So now I’ll be patiently waiting, crafting and searching for happy distractions. Anyways, I came across this quote by Hendrix. I think I’ll just go with it and do what I wanna do.

On another note, I really like teaching Tess, one of my guitar students. She’s ten years old and I am awestruck by her curiosity and imagination. After I played an A major pentatonic scale, she said how cool the warm up (scale) sounds. I’ve never really been fascinated by any scales, but her comment opened my eyes to the magic of music. Even though the same notes are being played, everyone is a unique listener. What I hear is not going to be what anyone else hears. And isn’t that truly magical? Then she said, “it sounds like a wishing well.” Needless to say, I am deeply humbled that I get to be a guitar teacher and have students teach me. Music will never sound the same again and in a happy fairytale kind of way.


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