9 Sep

I read these words on the bio page of Neighbour Music and I was deeply touched.

“No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot escape the notion that we are all, somehow, one and the same. With different faces within different places, the fact that we are all a mess of flesh and blood, made up of the same dust by a brilliant and unmatchable Maker, remains true for us all. We are interconnected by the undeniable tassels of love, fear, joy and vulnerability, and are called to encourage one another when one of our own is ravaged by pain and loss – while at the same time there is a beckon to love and experience joy together, in fellowship, as this short life we have been blessed with spurs onward unto an eternity that outweighs any other earthly glory. We are one cell in the sea. We are passionately human. We are neighbors, no matter the distance.”

(Kacie Williams)


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