an interview with Autumn Sky

22 Dec

Autumn Sky is a multi-instrumentalist and multi-award winning singer/songwriter from Sacramento, California. She has released an album, All Which Isn’t Singing and a recent single, “I Light Afire.” The music Autumn writes captivate many stories and emotions in my own life. Go listen to “Conversations”; it’s one of my favourites. Although I have never met Autumn in person, I feel as though I know her bubbly personality through the early days of MySpace to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Earlier this year, Autumn graciously allowed me to interview her via e-mail (it’s later this year, but I thought I really need to post this now). Here are her words…

Do you remember your first memory of playing or listening to music?
Actually, yes. My first memories of listening to music were from when I was very young, and my parents would take my siblings and I to the Reggae on the River festivals in Oregon. Or even just listening to oldies on the radio with my Aunt Serena. I always thought she had the best music. We used to dance around when “Going to the Chapel” would come on, I got a real kick out of it.

Where does your greatest inspiration for writing music come from?
Most of the songs I write are autobiographical, and so I think it’s safe to say that my greatest inspiration are the people that surround me. That being said, the draw to music for me is in the stories I tell. I get a lot of those stories from my own life and experiences, but I also get them from my friends, from conversations I’ve had with strangers, from books I’ve read, from movies I’ve watched. Wherever I can find a theme that really takes a hold on me and stirs my emotions deeply enough to warrant a good song.

You’re currently working on a new album, can you hint at the title and the overall feel of your next album?
The next album is going to be called The Hallelujah Chorus. The title is a hint at three things: how happy I am that its finally out, the feeling of joy that overwhelms me when I write, play and perform and the amount of people that worked on the album to get it out into the world. I wanted to make it as grand as I possibly could, and so there is a lot more instrumentation and a lot of guest performances from some dear and talented friends of mine. It really is going to be the album of my dreams, and I really won’t be able to rest until it’s there. That being said, I’m happy to report that we’re making good progress. I’ve just had a couple of years now to save up the really, really good songs and it just didn’t feel right to me to release them without making them really, really shine.

If you weren’t a musician, do you know what you want to be? Perhaps a fashion or graphic designer?
I would probably be a detective, a novelist, a naturalist and a world adventurer. πŸ™‚

(I have also interviewed Autumn Sky on fashion at my other blog here.)


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