january update

31 Jan

1. I need to manage my time better and not allow calculus II or school take over my life.

2. I have yet to review any music theory, but I need to majorly work on theory, now that I actually need to teach it.

3. So far, I’ve learned “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift (Ft. The Civil Wars), chord version of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, “Let It Be” by The Beatles, intro to “Blue Orchid” by The White Stripes and the first part of “Hey, There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s. I think this goal has been met and teaching has helped me accomplish this goal.

4. I have written chords to a song. I keep pandering with lyrics. I’m not sure if I need to modify this goal or make-up the three songs in the following months. I’m really nervous about this one.

5. I have almost finished playing “Marching Line” by Vanessa Carlton. Surprisingly, I found this to be a challenging song. 9 more to go and then Moonlight!

6. I still need to write those songs.

7. I still need to write that song.

8. I need to at least cover a song and experiment with the Canon Rebel T2i.

9. I’m working on playing around with the piano to write a possible film score.

10. I need to finish writing an e-mail and getting on with the co-writing.

Note to self: I have a long ways to go and I really need to push myself and really just go!

See [this post].


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