february update

1 Mar

Where did February go and how did I miss writing ‘February Update’ on Leap Day? I could have written this thirty-six plus minutes ago, but there was this blizzard and then I was playing music, so that’s how it all happened and it’s ok.

1. These past few days, I have been practicing for at least half an hour on both the piano and guitar. I need to keep reminding myself that practicing everyday for a few minutes is better than cramming too many hours in one or two days.

2. I have found a really helpful music theory book. I have also been teaching music theory, so I’m getting there and progressing with theory.

3. I think I should change this to learning one difficult song each week. In February, I taught ‘Hey, There Delilah’ by The Plain White T’s, ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster the People, ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson and lots of other simple open chord songs. I think it’s time I switch gear to something outside of my genre or something challenging, yet fun.

4. I think I need to change this. I am learning I can’t force these songs out.

5. I have finished playing ‘The Marching Line’ by Vanessa Carlton. There are a few places in the song I need to clean up and practice more, but for the most part, it’s done! I’ll give it another week or two and then start on a new song.

6. I am playing as a street performer in four weeks for the City Creek Center opening! Not an open mic, but it’s a start. It’s crazy to think that the opening of City Creek Center felt like light years away and now, it’s almost here.

7. I am still soul searching.

8. I might be covering a song this weekend for a contest and uploading it onto YouTube.

9. Maybe when my film class is over?

10. I might need to change this, too since I have no control over co-writing.

See [this post].


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