tonight at libby gardner hall

4 Mar

I hear the grand works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Robert Schumann. They were truly artists and masters of music. I know this from observing the body movement and hands of another pianist on a stage and all the intricate details and dynamics of sound woven today from hundreds of years ago. I stop and wonder how these songs would have sounded when the composers once played the songs themselves. I breathe in the richness of a seemingly full band orchestra with just hammers and strings. Did anyone else in the room think this, too? The timid and diligent pianist continues playing an intricate melody. Silence. A few eyes are closed. The old friendly man next to me quietly snores. Music and more silence. The song ends. The pianist’s high heels click against the wood floors. Doors open. Shuffles in the audience. I am aware of the silence, background noise and music all coexisting in the same room. Minutes pass and I don’t seem to notice and the piano teacher announces intermission for eight minutes. Eight because of a lucky number that Chinese believe in. I leave and wait for my ride in the entrance. I look up at the chandeliers and the tall ceiling. I hum and hear echoes and a great reverb. I hum a few tunes, ‘Hey Mama’ and ‘The Marching Line’. I look around to see if anyone is near. I began singing effortlessly and found magic in the small space I start acquainting myself with. I realize I wanted to come back. I wanted my guitar and to record right there. But I had to leave and when I did, intermission must have ended because I heard the classics sound once again from a Steinway & Sons three flights up.


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