on a vitamin water label

18 Mar

I had a headache and I was running low on sugar. I never drink Vitamin Water except in desperate times of needing electrolytes. And then I found these words on the label of my lemonade flavored + other natural flavors drink. My headache slowly went away and as I read these words, I couldn’t help but nod to myself and say, ‘oh hey! That’s an accurate description of me.’

“who doesn’t like singing in the car? and we mean reeeeeally singing. you hear certain songs and – bam! “car-aoke!” – you’re belting out the chorus (and butchering the stuff in-between), banging on the drums (aka steering wheel), and maybe you’ve got a little shoulder dip going…do your thing. and just like how you’re mult-tasking during your “performance,” this bottle is multi-tasking every sip by giving you eight key nutrients from vitamin a to zinc. all these nutrients will help you get where you’re going…just please refrain from pumping your brakes to the beat.”


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