my personal top 10 in 2012

30 Dec

I definitely have a long way to go, but I can look back and appreciate all the little things, which make me realize my personal growth and how far I’ve gone. I have to keep reminding myself that art and music is all about progress.

1. My teaching music studio grew by a LOT this year. I am incredibly grateful I get to do what I love and that I get to meet and have such lovely students.

2. I started taking private singing lessons. I have greatly improved my vocals and I’m still trying to find ‘my voice’.

3. I started being brave by posting a few recordings on SoundCloud (

4. I finished learning to play ‘Marching Line’ by Vanessa Carlton.

5. I finished writing an original song.

6. I busked a couple of times on the streets of downtown Salt Lake City. I am grateful for strangers on the street who stopped by to compliment my voice and gave me a tip. Thank you for helping me have the courage to carry on with my dreams.

7. Taking a sound class (one of the best classes I’ve ever taken at the U) and investing in recording equipment.

8. All my random song ideas and lyrics written down and my continual lyric writing.

9. All the songs I thought that were impossible to play, but then dedicated my time to learn playing. Also, the time I’ve dedicated to music theory.

10. Co-writing with my friend, Robert.


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