i’ve recently learned…

17 May

Listening to music doesn’t make you a musician. Listening to music all the time doesn’t make you a brilliant music maker. While trying to arrange an instrumental song, I listened to instrumental covers I love. None of them use the entire melody line for the song. After discovering this, I realised…well, too late. I’ve already arranged more than half of the song. I wonder if there is a right or wrong way to do this. No no no. But I’m ok with what I’ve already arranged. I like it. I keep asking myself, would I buy it? I could have done this the easy way by reading sheet music. But reading sheet music is my least favourite thing to do. I don’t like following instructions, but I’m pretty good at it when I want instructions. I need to learn to be brave. I need to put in the work. A lot of work. A LOT. I have daydreams of ‘making it’ as they say. But now I think all I want to do is to do what I love and love what I do. I want to be happy in life. If I can connect with even one other person through my art, I will know I’ve done my part. Now that it’s summer and I’m almost free from school for a long time, I see that it’s important to me to never stop learning. Life and art is all about progression, a constant progression that never stops through learning.


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