creative minds//yen magazine issue 62

27 May

Indie films:

“The only reason that you’re there is because of this passion for this tiny little thing that you love and you believe in, but you don’t even know if anybody in the world is going to see it or care as much as you do.”

(Jennifer Lawrence)

Music: Heartthrob

You’re madly in love with your best friend.

Write a couple records about it.

(Tegan and Sara)

Jennifer Lawrence describes exactly how I feel when it comes to making films and the creative process behind music and any kind of art. From her personal experience, her advice is to act for acting’s sake, film for film’s sake and ’cause of love. I was once in love with my best friend, until I found out my best friend wasn’t romantically interested in women. Tegan and Sara’s advice is to write about it all. And while I’m writing all of this, I am struggling in my own storm of creativity and confidence. I am trying to be brave by overcoming and seeing through all this. Somehow, I find comfort in these words and the fact that artists think alike. That we all do what we love, even if people may or may not see the final draft and that we write about the world around us. I am reminded that we are never alone and I don’t feel so alone anymore.


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