frankmusik inspires me.

31 Jul

I will be trying to get as many new original works out to showcase this point this year.

Life is too short for album promotion and all that classic label stuff. As a fan pointed out to me earlier this year, “What’s the point in a release schedule when we all know you could release it tomorrow?” I now agree with this sentiment.

Now [that] I am unsigned/free, I can do whatever I want. Sure, it’s stressful and all that stuff but who’s life isn’t stressful? You don’t get diamonds without a little pressure. I don’t and probably won’t for a long time, have the insane promotion budgets that get thrown around by labels for artists going on radio tours or shooting epic videos and so on. So really, the only way I can compete these days is where most signed artists struggle and that is in musical content. Not some Vimeo exclusive stuff or some live lounge bore. But consistent bodies of work that show an artist being an artist. It’s a brave new world out there and my goodness it’s scary for me waking up everyday and having to convince myself I am not done and this is a journey worth being on while I write this in the house I grew up in at nearly aged 30.

We have all got problems and we are all just trying to get by and I now see that my job isn’t just to be a singer, it’s to be a well rounded creative across many facets of music and beyond.

I need balance. Tonight, I saw that the only way I am going to sleep easily and actually wanting to wake up in the morning is by making the music and visuals that make me feel like I am inspired and inspiring others and in that context for me in my life right now, I feel that is a good place to be creative in.

Original Post at Facebook: Frankmusik


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