new sound: lykke

18 Apr

i used to be a songwriter…

16 Dec

I used to be a songwriter…and I’ll be one again.

Going through old music memos. Snapshots. Forgot a lot of these even existed.

I’ve disappeared for a while, but I’m coming back.

numbers – my Spotify artist self wrapped 2018

11 Dec

All my favourite artists have at least a million streams/fans/minutes/countries/likes. And then there’s me. It’s hard seeing these numbers barely adding up to anything. It hurts. This constant feeling like a failure as each year goes by. Back in 2017, I went to two studios to record 1/2 my EP. I’ve learned hard lessons and got scammed by a studio and sound engineers. I was paying them a lot of money. I was traveling and making a trip to this place where some of my favourite artists made things. They didn’t listen to my vision. They said I wasn’t good enough, made fun of my lyrics, critically attacked my indecisiveness and lack of experience. I came out with nothing. No songs. I can’t even listen to these studio sessions. It was a self-financed, financial hit. It was also a deep, personal, spiritual and artist self hit. I stopped playing at open mics. I stopped believing in myself. I’m trying to get over this creative injury. I am doing all that I can to pick myself up and to start again. I don’t want to give up. I hope to start working on writing and releasing new music in 2019. I want to tell myself that in the end, numbers are numbers. My artist self needs projects. My artist self needs to create and keep moving forward.

my Spotify wrapped 2018

10 Dec

top favourite music from 2018

3 Dec


  1. Magic Ship by Mountain Man
  2. Big Red Machine by Big Red Machine 
  3. The Beatles by The Beatles (2018 Release)


  1. Fallingwater by Maggie Rogers
  2. thank u, next by Ariana Grande
  3. This is America by Childish Gambino


  1. Taylor Swift at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA | 5.12.18
  2. Mountain Man at The Independent in San Francisco, CA | 11.8.18
  3. Maggie Rogers at Riviera Theatre in Chicago, IL | 10.30.18